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getting rid of moths in London

getting rid of moths in londonLondon pest control: If clothes and carpet moths have invaded! If you’ve seen moths flying around in your home then its already too late. Adult moths lay eggs in carpets, rugs, curtains, upholstery and clothes. The eggs hatch and the larvae keep eating until they grow and change into adults. Moths don’t like junk food, so man made fibers are not the first choice.  Treatments can last up to a year and cost much less than ruined clothes or replacing carpets! Find out more…


getting rid of wasps in London

getting rid of wasps in londonLondon pest control: Wasps and more particularly the social wasp, are mainly known for their nuisance value, particularly in the autumn.  The combination of the cooler weather and a diet of fermenting fruit juices makes them irritable, and therefore more likely to sting

There are several species of social wasp found in this country, but all are similar in appearance.  Wasps are all bright yellow and black, about 10 – 20 mm in length, except for the hornet which is somewhat larger and brown and yellow in colour. There are several methods for the control and eradication of wasp nests, these include specialist chemicals, and wasp nest destroyers in the form of aerosol sprays. Find out more…


getting rid of mice and rats in London

getting rid of mice londonLondon pest control: Besides the differences in their physical characteristics, rats and mice are significantly different in many other ways. Because rodent control efforts will be most successful when based on an understanding of the pest itself, it is important to know the differences between these two rodents.For example, one of the most critical differences in behavior between mice and rats are that of curiosity vs. caution.The rat is very cautious and will not readily approach new items in its path until it has had time to get used to its presence. Thus, prior to setting rat traps, unset traps should be placed in the rat’s path.

Mice, on the other hand, are very curious and will investigate new things. Thus, if mice are not caught within the first days of trap placement (using set traps), the trap is likely in the wrong place and should be moved. Find out more…


getting rid of bed bugs in London

getting rid of bed bugs in londonLondon pest control: Bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) are small blood-sucking insects that can live in cracks and crevices in and around your bed. Attracted by your body heat and carbon dioxide, Bedbugs crawl out at night to bite your exposed skin and feed on your blood, just as mosquitoes do. Not everyone develops a skin reaction to Bedbugs bites, but some people will develop itchy red bumps one to nine days later, usually on the face, neck, hand or arm. These are often mistaken for mosquito bites.

Females lay 200-500 eggs over a two-month period. These white specks stick to surfaces and are very difficult to spot. They hatch to form tiny straw-coloured insects that take about six to eight weeks to grow into adults. As they grow, they shed their skin. This looks like mottled brown shells on your mattress. Find out more…


getting rid of cockroaches in London

getting rid of cockroaches in londonLondon pest control: Cockroaches are nocturnal by nature and spend the day hiding in cracks or under floor covering. Cockroaches may be seen if you come home in the dark and put the lights on. Cockroaches also emit a disagreeable almond like odour, but this is only noticeable if the infestation is large.

Infestations may be introduced into domestic premises from foodstuffs from other premises. Cockroaches can be transferred from other houses in laundry.Cockroaches can carry food poisoning organisms on their bodies and will feed on almost anything including fecal matter.Contamination occurs when the Cockroaches come into contact with foodstuffs. Find out more…


getting rid of fleas in London

getting rid of fleas in londonLondon pest control: Flea eggs are not attached to the host. Eggs will hatch on the ground, in rugs, carpet, bedding, upholstery or cracks in the floor. Most fleas hatch within two days. Many signs can indicate flea activity.  A common indication of fleas would be pets that repeatedly scratch and groom themselves. This is caused by the discomfort of the flea activity as the adult fleas feed on the pet’s blood. A thorough examination of the pet and its fur should be conducted by the homeowner or veterinarian. Find out more…


getting rid dust mites in London

getting rid of dust mites in londonLondon pest control: While most of us live in harmony with dust mites, they cause the most common allergy in the UK and over 80 per cent of asthma sufferers react to them.There are between two to three million mites in the average mattress. Their droppings are laden with allergens. When inhaled, the allergens can provoke asthma, eczema and rhinitis.These are released into the atmosphere in dust several times a day, when vacuuming or sitting on a settee, or when in bed at night turning over. Find out more…


Getting rid of ants in London

getting rid of ants in londonLondon pest control: Ants live in colonies ranging in size from a few dozen predatory individuals living in small natural cavities to highly organised colonies that may occupy large territories and consist of millions of individuals. Larger colonies consist mostly of sterile, wingless females forming castes of “workers”, “soldiers”, or other specialised groups. Find out more…


Getting rid of Flies in London

getting rid of flies in londonThey like edges and corners to land on. Indoors, they will land on floors, walls and ceilings during the day. Outside they will land on plants, the ground, fence wires, rubbish bins, etc. At night they usually sleep near sources of food and 5 to 15 feet off the ground.

They will eat a wide variety of rotting vegetable or animal matter. Find out more…


If you’re interested in getting rid of moths in London, getting rid of wasps in London, getting rid of mice in London, getting rid of rats in London, getting rid of bed bugs in London, getting rid of cockroaches in London, getting rid of fleas in London, getting rid of flies in London and getting rid dust mites in London, call London pest control;

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